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The Best European Destinations to Visit in May

May is a magical time to explore Europe. The continent is awash with color, the weather is getting warmer, and the summer crowds have yet to arrive. Here are my top 15 European destinations to visit in May:


  1. Amalfi Coast, Italy: Famous for its dramatic coastline, charming villages, and amazing Southern Italian food, the Amalfi Coast is at its best in May when the weather is warm and the areas are far less crowded.

  2. Paris, France: Beautiful in every season, Paris is especially stunning in May, with blooming flowers and spring temperatures. It's the perfect time to explore the city's outdoor cafes, gardens, and iconic landmarks. Discover my Paris City Guide here.

  3. Barcelona, Spain: With its unique architecture, vibrant street life, and beautiful beaches, Barcelona is a must-visit in May when the weather is just right for enjoying the outdoors.

  4. Dubrovnik, Croatia: Dubrovnik's stunning old town, crystal-clear waters, and pleasant May weather make it a top choice for travelers looking for a mix of history and relaxation.

  5. Copenhagen, Denmark: The Danish capital is charming in May, with its colorful houses, blooming gardens, and canals. It's a great time to explore the city by bike. Discover my Copenhagen City Guide here.  

  6. Lisbon, Portugal: With its sunny days, cool nights, and fewer tourists, May is the perfect time to explore Lisbon's colorful streets, historic sites, and delicious seafood. Discover my Lisbon City Guide here.  

  7. Prague, Czech Republic: The city's beautiful architecture and position on the river looks even more enchanting in May when the weather is pleasant, and the city is alive with events.

  8. Rome, Italy: Rome is spectacular in May, with comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds. It's the ideal time to visit its ancient ruins, Vatican City, and vibrant piazzas.

  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands: May is the tail end of tulip season, making it a fantastic time to visit Amsterdam and its surrounding tulip fields.

  10. Vienna, Austria: The city's elegant streets, imperial palaces, and lively outdoor markets are particularly enjoyable in the mild May weather.

  11. Budapest, Hungary: With its beautiful parks, historic buildings, and the Danube River, Budapest is a perfect choice to explore in the warm and sunny days of May. Discover my Budapest City Guide here.  

  12. Malta: This Mediterranean gem is perfect in May, with its warm weather, stunning beaches, and rich history. It's a great time to explore the island's ancient sites and unique towns. Discover my Malta City Guide here.

  13. Athens, Greece: The Greek capital is ideal in May, with pleasant temperatures and fewer tourists. It's the perfect time to explore the Acropolis, vibrant neighborhoods, and enjoy outdoor dining. Discover my Athens City Guide here.  

  14. Lagos, Portugal: Situated on the Algarve coast, Lagos boasts beautiful beaches, stunning cliffs, and a charming old town. May is a fantastic time to enjoy its outdoor activities and mild weather.

  15. Helsinki, Finland: The Finnish capital comes alive in May with long days, blooming parks, and a lively atmosphere. It's a great time to explore its design districts, waterfront areas, and unique architecture.

  16. Nice, France: The jewel of the French Riviera, Nice offers a beautiful coastline, vibrant markets, and a mix of French and Italian cultures. May is the perfect time to stroll along the Promenade des Anglais and explore the city's charming old town. Discover my Nice City Guide here.  

Each of these destinations offers a unique experience but what they all have in common is spring weather and fewer crowds, making them the best European destinations to visit in May. Whether you're looking for history, culture, natural beauty, or simply a relaxing getaway, this list has something for everyone in this beautiful month!


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