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Where Should I Stay in Austin, Texas?

Updated: Jun 30

Where Should I Stay in Austin, Texas?

With over 30 “staycations” in Austin, my family has stayed in 15 of Austin’s most loved hotels. 

Where Should I Stay in Austin, Texas? These eight standout among the rest. Let me tell you why.


The Proper stands out as our favorite for its vibrant energy, luxury design, and impeccable service. Not only are the rooms beautiful, but the rooftop pool, restaurants, gym, and bar are some of the highest-quality in Austin. Don’t miss the lobster quesadilla at the restaurant La Piscina. 

Tucked away off of South Congress, the St. Cecilia has a bohemian-chic style

and intimate atmosphere. It's the perfect choice for visitors looking for a boutique

experience with a strong sense of local character, often appealing to artists and creatives.

Conveniently located on the water downtown, the LINE Hotel is known for its modern design and proximity to many of the most loved neighborhoods in Austin.  This is the perfect choice for young groups and/or business travelers. If you stay here, don't miss the “Chagachino” latte at the cafe; it’s my favorite in Austin. 

Hotel San Jose is a gem. Situated in the heart of South Congress, one of Austin’s liveliest areas, Hotel San Jose is a minimalist, trendy spot with a peaceful energy. Its authentic style and outdoor patio make it feel like checking in to someone’s home. 

The Commodore Perry is a slice of Europe in Austin. This hotel offers a blend of

historic charm and modern luxury. It's a good fit for guests who appreciate serenity and elegance, and its peaceful setting makes it ideal for a relaxing getaway.

Featuring a classic style with a contemporary twist, Hotel Ella is known for its sophisticated charm. It's perfect for football game weekends or any other visit pertaining to the university.

With its retro design, the Austin Motel makes for a fun and vibrant experience. Its

affordability and central location make it the best, budget-friendly choice.

As a part of a well-known chain, this hotel offers reliable quality and comfort. It's ideal for business travelers and families, providing all the standard amenities expected from a Marriott and a convenient downtown location.

Each of these hotels has its unique appeal, catering to different tastes and travel needs, from luxury and history to modernity and affordability.

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